Monday, February 18, 2008

Blog #6: The Wiki Begins

Starting with the wiki has been an interesting experience. We set up a new group wiki with a common password to get us all in. We logged in and started to look at the look and feel of the site. After a minute or so we decided that we'd wait on that, it being not all that important. We discussed what content we needed and where this content should be located. What needs to go on the navigation bar? What should we include? What should we leave off. We ended up generating a lot of questions...quite a few more than the five we needed to record to answer the next time we meet. With luck we will have answers to these questions and be able to move forward.

After the meeting I started playing around with the wiki on my own. After I actually logged in with the right user name and password that is. It's interesting to just look around and try to locate tools and how they can be used. I made a test page on my own personal wiki just to try it and I'm wondering how easy it is to delete content or pages in case I mess something up and want to start over. It's been interesting just to take a look around but I am excited about actually getting started.

In other technology news, I have been working on trying to put together a digital newsletter and or digital flyers for programming. ure this is something I will ever use but it might be and I've been finding new ways to use Word that I haven't done before because we don't have access to PageMaker and PhotoShop at work like I do at home. It's been a little frustrating but I'm really glad I know I can do the things I want with a program I have access to both at work and at home.


Kay said...

I've been cruising around, checking out other people's blogs. It seems that we are all echoing similar sentiments. Getting to know the inner workings of the wiki. I know I've been puzzled by the customization aspect. I set up a test wiki as well and it was a good exercise in making me visualize the information and where it will go. Now the big issue will be how to apply what we've leaned to the real thing.

Marcella said...

Hi Amanda
I too understand and can appreciate the joys, pains and the experimenting with wiki. Earlier this week I took a stab and created my own sample wiki and it was a blast. I experimented with colors but I saw something more interesting -- widgets. I can’t wait to test those guys.

Mary Alice Ball said...

It is easy to get caught up with fun things like colors, skins, and widgets and forget about the content itself. Good for your team for stepping back and keeping your focus.