Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Blog #7: Freaks and Geeks Training

ACPL has a program which focuses on new technologies that they call Geek Out Don't Freak Out. I haven't been able to attend this session before the one this week. The newest edition of this (which my assistant manager calls Freaks and Geeks Training (as if we need to be trained to be bigger freaks and/or geeks) was today and focused on mp3s, analog to digital music, and the new Amazon book reader called the Kindle. I have to say I really wanted to go see the digital turntable. My dad has wanted to convert his records to cds for a long time. He has some things he can't find on cd. So I wanted to go and learn more about this. I was also interested in seeing the Kindle up close since we've all been talking about it around the library for a while now.

The mp3 portion was something I didn't really need to know. I've geeked around with that equipment for a while. We did all just get new mp3 players if we participated in learning 2.0 though and this will be able to play audio books (which we are getting back as downloadable in the system soon). I'm excited about this since my ipod will not work with them and I haven't had a reason to be able to use it before. I did learn that we are getting that service back soon and am excited about that option.

The digital turntable was great. The One Kay used was called the Ion and it looks very easy though I'll have to make sure my dad cleans his vinyl before we use one. It's funny because I'm so used to burning cds which takes no time at all but to do this, it's like going back to when we had to make a copy of a tape which took as long as it took to play it. It will take a while for him to convert his stuff but apparently we can find them pretty cheap on so this might be worth looking into. Kay also showed us how to take analog music from a guitar and microphone and use Garage band (an apple application) with them. We're starting a band. I get to play drums. I always wanted to be a drummer so this is great. Ha!

The Kindle is kind of cool. I have to admit it. I like the digital ink (e-ink maybe) and how it doesn't look like a computer screen but an actual book. It is kind of cool that way. It turns pages by flashing to the next page which is weird but interesting as well. I have a lot of doubt that this will ever come close to taking a big percentage of book sales but it is cool to play with. It's also really expensive and I can't see owning one even though new releases and best sellers are 9.99.

In less happy technology news, this last week with oncourse has been horrible. First it wouldn't let anyone log on, then it was slow, then I uploaded a few assignments for my other class and one posted but the other one gave me a confirmation screen but didn't post. Being 2 hours away from Indy and turning all assignments in via oncourse, when it goes down and has issues it can be really frustrating.

Well, I'm off to pick up my 35mm film now!

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Kay said...

Yay. As much as I love the ease of using digital cameras, I enjoy using old school stuff too. Analog stuff actually make a satisfying "thunk" or "clunk" when you use it. Think about pushing a shutter release or dropping a needle. Nowadays, a little sample gets played when you push a button. "Click.mp3"