Sunday, March 2, 2008

Blog #8: Green Shorts

No, you don't have to actually wear green shorts to participate but if you feel that will get your creative juices flowing...then by all means.

This week duing YA program on Wednesday afternoon we are beginning a program called Green Shorts. This first meeting will be to brainstorm ideas for short films on how to go green. The summer reading program is going green this summer and at my branch we're taking this very seriously. We've started a One Green Summer blog to talk with each other about ideas and this will be the tens' first program on going green. They're going to come up with ideas on how we can make Youtube videos about going green.

All week I have been looking at Youtubes that might work as examples. I've found some of the PSAs from Live Earth that I'm going to show them with actors they know. There are also a bunch of band PSAs I'm going to show them as well.Then we're going to talk about what we can do in the library and start to search for quotes on changes we can make and effects of those changes. From there we're going t start writing scripts and then eventually video tape and edit these videos together. This is planned to take 3 to 4 afternoons to do. It might take more. I've worked with Youtube only one other time and it took me 2 hours to edit a 45 second video. It should be interesting to show teens how to do it and see how long it actually takes. I'm excited to see their finished products and possibly be able to use them this summer and for class visits in the late spring.

Here's the only Youtube I've ever done. I hope you find it half as funny as we all did.

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H Vix said...

LOL - That is hilarious. I liked what you did with the lighting to make it more somber. Very good. Unfortunately, U tube's videos are not always of the best quality, but that is expected. It was well done and great entertainment.